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Minimalism in design has been around for some time, and today it seems to be a welcome alternative to overly busy and unnecessarily cluttered websites, posters, ads, and logos. For those new to this art form, the concept of minimalism is mostly concerned with stripping away excess and strategically placing remaining elements. The result can be a calming, yet powerful design that is streamlined to convey its message. You can find minimalism in all art forms, from architecture to fashion to logo design. To get the most out of a minimalist design, whether it be for something as small as […]

Minimalism Web Design

Care for some productivity tips and management principles before jumping the web apps?  You will find the below together with some of the best web apps for designers and design teams. Productivity Tips –        Clarify Expected Outcomes.  Unclear expectations from your client or team members yield the same results as ambiguous requirements. Make certain that you or your team know exactly what to expect. –        Encourage Open Communication. This requires a belief that your or your team members can openly discuss problems, and concerns with the client or among yourselves. –        Empower Team Members and Ask your client for autonomy. Those who feel free to make decisions tend to be better […]

Productivity Tips