Diversity and Inclusion


As the creative industry continues to grow, a diverse workforce provides a company with concrete benefits beyond fulfilling legal requirements or good faith efforts. A multicultural, talented and trained employee base gives companies a key advantage.

According to EqualityMagazines.com, a diverse workforce enhances:

  • Connection with the customer

  • Employee motivation

  • Employee innovation

  • Employee recruitment and retention

  • Continuous quality improvement

Diversity is a key driver of innovation. A significant factor in being successful on a global scale, diversity is also critical for companies that want to hire and retain top talent in the creative and tech sectors.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of California, Davis, gender diversity is slowly improving in California’s technology sector, but there is still much room to improve. On average, among directors and highest-paid executives at high-profile companies, there is only one woman for every eight men. Additional studies have shown that companies with more female leaders have better financial results.

True diversity begins with a company’s mission to gain strength by recruiting a variety of people with diverse backgrounds, ideas and skill sets. By looking at the big picture and providing unique solutions, DEC270 helps companies recruit and retain top, diverse talent to fit the organization’s individual needs.