FAQFrequently Asked Questions


What kind of jobs does DEC270 offer?

DEC270 offers candidates internet marketing, interactive design and development, and mobile development jobs.


What is the length of commitment for a job with DEC270?

We offer a full range of recruitment and placement services, which include temporary staffing, strategic consulting and executive search. Assignments vary in length from short- to long-term contract assignments, term-to-perm positions and permanent placement. No matter what you are looking for, we make a point to find you the job that best matches your personal preferences and career goals.


What kind of clients does DEC270 work with?

Our clients’ profiles range from Fortune 500 companies to emerging businesses.


Does DEC270 charge candidates for placement services?

No. Our services are completely free to our professionals and we will always work to get you the highest possible salary for your desired position.


How do I begin the employment process with DEC270?

To get started, simply apply online. One of our experienced recruiters will review your skill set and objectives then contact you to discuss the opportunities we have available.


How does the interview process work?

Once you have agreed on a position of interest with your recruiter, your profile will be submitted to the client and the details of the interview will be arranged. Depending on where the company is located, the interview may be done face-to-face or by phone. Following the interview, the company will let your recruiter know their decision and extend any offers through him or her. Your recruiter will then discuss the details of the offer with you and give you time to make your decision.


Do I have to take the job if it is offered to me?

No. Just like any other job, the interview process is also a time for you to decide whether you think the company is a good fit for you. If the answer is no, simply tell your recruiter the reason why and he or she will communicate this to the client.


How long does my contract of employment last with DEC270?

Your employment contract lasts for the length of the particular position you choose to accept. This may be as little as two weeks or as long as a year. Regardless, upon its completion you are free to pursue whatever option you’d like, whether it be signing on for another assignment with us or going on your merry way.


How am I paid?

Your paycheck will be issued through DEC270. We process payroll weekly and offer direct deposit on your first paycheck.