Tech Now – Silicon Valley and Beyond

technology-now-silicon-valley-and-beyondSilicon Valley, the well-known Bay Area suburb that has boomed with tech innovations over the past 20 years, and Silicon Beach, a small up-and-coming area of Los Angeles showing similar tech booms over the past few years, can easily be confused. Although the two areas are located in completely different parts of California, the similarities of the regions are remarkable.

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook and YouTube have recently opened offices in west LA, spanning from Santa Monica south to Venice and Playa del Rey. Hundreds of startups, including Hulu and Snapchat, continue to join the tech titans, and Hollywood players like The Walt Disney Co. and Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. have launched startup accelerators to help local tech entrepreneurs. The city of Los Angeles even hired its first chief technology officer, former Qualcomm executive Peter Marx, in 2014.

Consisting of approximately 1,000 acres, LA’s Silicon Beach is becoming the Silicon Valley of the south. Originally, tech firms slated the reasons for their moves to the underdeveloped LA community as convenience (Silicon Beach is close to everything one needs for business, pleasure and travel) and expansive undeveloped land, a rarity in the southern part of California and what’s necessary for companies expecting large amounts of future growth. Now, the arrival of the vivacious, young tech workforce also attracts related firms and organizations to the area.

Companies mainly in the millennial- and tech-oriented sectors continue to drive the fast economic growth in the greater Los Angeles area. The once immature, mile-and-a-half stretch now houses media companies, university-affiliated institutes and start-ups that work alongside the reputable tech giants. The growth trend of Silicon Beach continues – tech industry executives and entrepreneurs are flocking to a place better know for surfing the waves than surfing the web.

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